Exhibition at Art Central

I am delighted to share that my work has been selected to show at Art Central at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. 
“Made In Hong Kong”, is a special exhibition at Art Central 2022, that features the artistic creation of Hong Kong-based independent artists and visual practitioners. 
Of the over 650 individual artwork applications received, 65 works by 40 artists were selected to be exhibited.
The participants represent diverse backgrounds, including both professionally trained and self-taught artists, as well as designers and writers. 
Their works cover a wide range of media, from painting, photography and sculpture to print and installation, and explore the fabric of their surroundings through multiple senses – visual, audio and tactile. 
Some of the artworks on view delineate urban spaces using realistic, abstract, or speculative approaches; some touch upon personal perceptions via analytical or affective expressions.
Prevailingly, the urban and quotidian spaces within the artworks are interwoven with the artists’ memories, dreams, words, research and experiments – presenting visual creations made in Hong Kong with multifaceted perspectives and abundant energies.