Proud to have been showing work with Ilivetomorrow gallery.

With: Jesse Mc Lin & Julie Progin (HK- USA-Swiss), Bruno Carvalho (Pt), Pedro Campos (Pt), Manifeste-Alexandre Daval (Fr), Naia del Castillo (Sp), Xiaodong (Cn), Pili Wu (Tw), Lu Biao Biao (Cn), JinFeng Fang (Cn-Sw), Henny Van Nistelrooy (NL), Rose Morant (Fr-HK)

“DOMESTIC TERRITORIES” proposes a selection of objects, nobjects and installations reflecting conceptual and formal researches. Beyond Design perspectives and industrial issues, “DOMESTIC TERRITORIES” explores the physical limitations of forms and materials and expresses the complex relations between Conceptual explorations, fabrication processes and materialization. The diversity of the various projects presented in the exhibition is a manifesto to the recurrent seduction of materials and memory.

Jesse Mc Lin and Julie Progin with “Fragment(s)” and “Bloom” and “Rolling Sofa” by Pedro Campos propose a post-archeology of form, nature and memories. Bruno Costa has created ironic icons reflecting is conceptual experience in China, the poetry of lightness of the works of Xiaodong are a sensitive ephemeral expression of nature, Pili Wu’s chair is an intensive dialog with industrial craft, etc.

“A Stone A Mountain” by JingFeng Fang is a Journey into a conceptual translation of Chinese Philosophy, The “Sphere” created by Rose Morant generate a strong conceptual and a sensitive haptical experience.

With “Extract” Henny Van Nistelrooy explores the intrinsic value, structure and quality of Fabric revealed by the new geometrical designs applied one surfaces and objects.