Upcoming exhibition | Novalis Art Design, Hong Kong

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For What It’s Worth

Ceramic Experimentations by Julie & Jesse 

Each day, we tend to accept the established values assigned to objects, whether dictated by market forces or cultural associations. In this exhibition, Julie & Jesse will present their latest works, which stem from their extensive creative and research exploration of mining resources from the urban environment. By fusing the city’s discarded and overlooked materials with ceramics, they bring the unseen into view and elevate the unwanted to the forefront. Each find is an opportunity to unpack stories across time and space, hidden within the material. This process of generating new value for the devalued subverts, redefines and expands our current perception of the worth of materials. 

30 November 2023, 6-9 PM

01 December 2023 – 20 January 2024

Novalis Art Design
G/F 197 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

About Novalis Art Design

A Satellite Event of BODW CityProg

Upcoming exhibition | 13A New Street Art Gallery, Hong Kong

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For the past three decades, Marc & Chantal has proudly adopted the role of Artisans of Change. They have been crafting brands and experiences that transcend the ordinary, leaving memorable marks and shaping new identities along the way.

Artisans of Change encapsulate the very essence of who they are. As Marc & Chantal commemorates their 30th anniversary, they engaged with 30 fellow artisans and asked them to contribute their individual perspective and creative talent to this exhibition.

November 2 – November 4, 2023

Thursday | 11AM – 5PM
Friday & Saturday | 11AM – 6PM

13A New Street, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong

Upcoming exhibition | Art Central, Hong Kong

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I look forward to presenting a group of paintings at the Made In Hong Kong exhibition at Art Central  this coming May 26 to 29 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Made In Hong Kong, is a special exhibition at Art Central 2022, that features the artistic creation of Hong Kong-based independent artists and visual practitioners. 
Of the over 650 individual artwork applications received, 65 works by 40 artists were selected to be exhibited.
The participants represent diverse backgrounds, including both professionally trained and self-taught artists, as well as designers and writers. 
Their works cover a wide range of media, from painting, photography and sculpture to print and installation, and explore the fabric of their surroundings through multiple senses – visual, audio and tactile. 
Some of the artworks on view delineate urban spaces using realistic, abstract, or speculative approaches; some touch upon personal perceptions via analytical or affective expressions.
Prevailingly, the urban and quotidian spaces within the artworks are interwoven with the artists’ memories, dreams, words, research and experiments – presenting visual creations made in Hong Kong with multifaceted perspectives and abundant energies.

Upcoming exhibition | Blue Lotus gallery, Hong Kong

Upcoming exhibition | Subversive undertones

Domestic territories | Exhibition photos

Upcoming Exhibition | Chai Wan Mei | Curio

Upcoming exhibition | Domestic territories

Upcoming exhibition | Fragment(s)

Radical materiality | Exhibition photos

Upcoming exhibition | Radical materiality

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Ilivetomorrow gallery
At 0010 1101 0101 Space, Caochangdi, Beijing

Ilivetomorrow presents a unique experience of the recent editions and productions of Ilivetomorrow with its LIMITEDunLIMITED Editions project.

Radical Materiality shows one year of collaboration between Ilivetomorrow and Designers, Artists, Architects from China, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong and France.

Radical Materiality proposes to the Beijing Design week a selection of objects, nobjects and installations reflecting conceptual and formal researches.

Beyond Design perspectives and industrial issues, Radical Materiality explores the physical limitations of forms and materials and expresses the complex relations between Conceptual explorations, fabrication processes and materialization.

The diversity of the various projects presented by Ilivetomorrow in Beijing is a manifesto to the recurrent seduction of materials and memory.

Jesse Mc Lin and Julie Progin with Fragment(s) and Bloom and Rolling Sofa by Pedro Campos propose a post-archeology of form, nature and memories.

Bruno Costa has created ironic icons reflecting is conceptual experience in China, the poetry of lightness of the works of Xiaodong are a sensitive ephemeral expression of nature, the hybrid furniture of the Fashion designers CCChu and Nicola Borg-Pisani proposes new domestic environments, Pili Wu’s chair is an intensive dialog with industrial craft, etc.

Radical Materiality is an experience to object recognition toward a teleology of materiality where objects and prototypes emphasizes the conceptual and visual knowledge.

– Manifeste, Alexandre Daval / Designer
– Frederique Morrel / Designer-Artist
– Frederique Daubal / Designer Artist
– Jesse Mc Lin (USA) and Julie Progin (Swiss) / Designer and artists based in Hong Kong
– Pedro Campos (Portugal) / Architect
– Naia del Castillo (Spain) / Artist
– Bruno Costa (Portugal) / Designer
– Xiaodong (China) / Designer-artist
– CCCHu (Hong Kong China) / Fashion Designer
– Nicola Borg-Pisani (Hong Kong – France) / Designer-architect
– Pili Wu (Taiwan) Designer
– Lu Biao Biao (China) Designer
– David Dubois / Designer

28 of September to 08 of October 2012

0110 0001 Space, Caochangdi, Beijing

Free admission and open to public.